不仅仅是为上大学或就业做好了准备…… Kingdom-ready.

在佩拉基督教,我们提供由基督教信仰塑造的教育. 我们肯定,教育的每一个方面都属于上帝. 我们承认耶稣基督是救主,是生命的主宰.

That’s why we are committed to weaving Biblical truth into the fabric of all academics and co-curricular activities. 培养学生健康的社交能力, 知识, 情感, and physical self-concept in a learning environment that provides guidance to and encourages critical thinking. 这结合了装备学生为耶稣基督的一生服务.


谁经历的充实, regenerating power of Jesus Christ and the Word of God through the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, 为最大限度地发挥上帝赋予他们的天赋而奋斗的人.



对上帝赐予的天赋充满信心的人, 并为在神的国度里服事的人生设定切合实际的个人和学业目标.









…who practice Biblical skills in developing Godly relationships and who are able to work harmoniously in a diverse environment and function effectively as a citizen in God’s Kingdom.



…who understand their identity in Christ as a unique individual created in the image of God, 身体上, 情感和精神健康, 养成良好的健康习惯,明智地使用身体,就像上帝的殿一样.



了解上帝在历史和世界事件中的影响, 并意识到他们需要通过社区服务实践负责任的公民身份.


您对孩子教育的最大愿望是什么? 在他们学习的过程中,你想给他们传递什么故事和信息? 你希望他们被什么样的环境塑造并参与塑造?


Pella Christian Schools uses Teaching for Transformation framework to help us design learning opportunities that invite, 培养和授权学生了解上帝的故事,并在上帝的故事中生活自己的一部分. 


什么是我深切的希望?” It is the first question a teacher asks when designing learning experiences for their students. 这就是为什么他们听从号召在佩拉基督教学校教书. This deep hope aligns with the desires that you as parents have for your children when you enroll them at Pella Christian. 它反映了学校使命中的承诺,并指向上帝的故事.


Every Christian school classroom must have a powerful and compelling vision of the Kingdom that creates a longing and a desire within every student to play their part in God’s unfolding story.  The classroom storyline is designed to help teachers establish the connection between their curriculum and God’s story.  The storyline invites students to imagine his or her place in God’s story in daily learning. 


The Throughlines are biblical characteristics that each person can be challenged to embody.  Christian schools can develop Christian culture by challenging their people to actively live out these characteristics. 这些圣经的主线帮助我们理解我们在群体中的角色.  请看下面我们的10条主线.


形成学习经验(FLEx) help students to live our his or her part in God’s story now.  每一所基督教学校都应该为学生提供有意义的机会去做真正的工作, 为真正有需要的人服务.  FLEx allow students to take action with their faith and build capacity for them to become people who live and breathe to work of God’s kingdom. 


The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a set of standards developed by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in 2010. The standards are intended to provide direction to schools in determining what students should know and be able to do at each level of the educational experience so each student will exit high school with the necessary knowledge and skills for college, 职业生涯, 和生活. 爱荷华州核心包括共同核心和一些额外的标准. 

每个课程领域都有一个教师小组进行审查, 管理员, 董事会代表, and parent volunteers examines the Iowa Core to determine the desired level of alignment in that curricular area. 当我们创建促进个人电脑愿景的课程时, 任务, 和价值观, we choose to use standards from the Core only if they reflect our desired rigor and do not conflict with our beliefs. Because we are independently accredited, we have the ability to add, delete, and modify the Core.   



Trixanna王, PCHS的学术顾问, 在学生们了解毕业要求和学分时,陪伴在他们身边, 探索课程设置. PCHS provides a liberal arts education including college courses and classes in industrial arts, 美术及表演艺术, 以及家庭和消费者科学.


Over 40 college credit classes are available to students through our partnerships with DMACC, Dordt大学, 加尔文大学, NIACC和Pella职业学院. 学徒和认证也可在PCHS通过 WorkSmart连接器.



马可福音10:15 -“当然, 我对你说, 凡不像小孩子一样领受神国的,断不能进去.”

罗马书第10章 8 但是它说了什么? “The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart,也就是说, 我们所宣讲的关于信仰的信息: 9 如果你用你的嘴宣告, 耶稣是主,你心里相信神叫他从死里复活了, 你会得救的. 10 因为你们心里信了,就称义了, 你用口承认你的信仰,就得救了. 17因此, 信心来自于听到的信息, 人是借着基督的道听见这道的.

Although this text is addressed to adults, it references the genuine faith a child can posses.


  1. 在适当的年龄阶段了解神的救恩计划.
  2. 要明白神的救恩计划是为他们个人而定的.
  3. 能够在适当的年龄层次上表达他们的个人“信仰宣言”.
  4. 开始明白神对他们在世上的目的.

这可以被称为“信心之旅”,只有在亲自了解神的救恩计划之后才会发生. 路加福音9章23节说:耶稣就对众人说, 若有人愿意来跟从我, 让他克制自己, 天天背起他的十字架, 跟随我.作为基督徒,耶稣呼召我们跟随他. 这就是门徒训练的过程. 这需要什么?

  1. 总要在我们主救主耶稣基督的恩典和知识上有长进. 彼得后书3:18这就是门徒的过程, of becoming a disciple of Jesus and beginning the process of walking through life with Him.
    • Here a child should grow in his or her knowledge of Jesus Christ through scripture teaching that clearly explains the Gospel and correct doctrinal understanding of the teachings God has revealed in the Bible.
    • 圣灵的果子开始在行为和生活中显现. 但圣灵所结的果子就是爱, 快乐, 和平, 忍耐, 善良, 善, 诚实, 温柔与自制. 这样的事没有律法禁止. 就是
    • 圣经记忆应该支持这一知识.
    • 发展属灵操练:个人读经、祷告和奉献
    • 敬拜圣父、圣子和圣灵
    • 服事:透过计划等培养的服事神的态度.
    • 给予:个人的给予可以通过学校活动和项目来实现.
  2. The continual development of a Biblical worldview can only happen if the above are happening for each student in a personal way. 培养孩子的世界观;
    • 所有科目都是从圣经和明显的基督教观点来教授的.
    • A Biblical worldview begins with an understanding of how God created the heavens and the earth, 我们是他的杰作. The concept of stewardship of Godʼs world and what he has given us to manage are to be developed.
    • The concept of a Biblical world view builds in all the grade levels and eventually moves into concepts of Godʼs call for each person to kingdom service. In essence we are learning our place in Godʼs creation and exploring Godʼs personal call to serve Him in our lives.

“The Christian walk” is the culmination of a personal faith and an age appropriate Biblical worldview, 指导日常生活, 行为和生活选择.

这就是我们开始训练孩子“不凭眼见,而凭信心”走路的地方.那么什么是“视力”呢?“这是”在我们自己看来是正确的.士师记16:7, Proverbs 12:15 How then do we train students in this aspect of their personal faith walk so they live authentic lives based on Biblical principles, “看不见。?”

  1. 确认圣经的起源和启示的教义.
  2. 圣经对万物起源的理解.
  3. 教导顺服神的圣经规范、标准和指引.
  4. Age appropriate exploration of the fallacies of secularism with affirmation of the wisdom of Godʼs plan for mankind.
  5. 为自己的信仰和圣经世界观辩护.
  6. A clear understanding that all of creation belongs to God and that all aspects of my life are service to Him. 我的生活中没有任何部分是真正世俗的.



Craig’s 深深的希望 is that people will be more fully formed to embody God’s collective and individual call for their lives. 他有学习的热情. He supports and challenges teachers to reach academic success rooted in God’s infallible word and brings creativity in supporting diverse learners.